January 11, 2008

Joe Joe the Gymnast

Last night was the start of Joe's gymnastics. Gymnastics is every Thursday night from 6:00-6:50pm. Joe's teacher is one of my co-workers, Lyndsay. The All American Gymnastics center is an impressive facility. It is huge! The building seems to be split into two sections. The half that Joe was in had spring floors, beams, in-ground trampolines, inflatables, and so on. The other half, to a non-gymnast eye, looked like Mary Lou Retton's training facility. Girls were flying through the air and "sticking" their landings with ease. It was fun to see. The gymnastics center has an upstairs viewing room for parents. So at 6:00pm Matt, Jack and I took our places by the viewing windows to watch Joe.

As a working mom, it is rare that I get the opportunity to see Joe totally interact with other kids and follow the direction of a teacher. He is usually so shy. I was really nervous that he wouldn't leave Lyndsay's side. I assumed he'd stand quietly with his hands to himself. Well it turns out, I assumed WRONG. He was all over the place. The first activity the "Little Dippers" did was to play on the inflatables. Joe ran from one inflatable to the other inflatable as fast as his little legs could take him. At one point he even crawled onto a long, elevated trampoline. Girls were doing cartwheels into back handsprings on it. He jumped like a bunny on it and then hopped off like he owned the place. Overall, he loved it! Not to brag, but his somersault was pretty impressive.

They had the "Little Dippers" version of uneven bars. It was 1 bar that was probably 3 feet off of the ground. All the other kids swung with their arms from the bar. Joe would swing and then launch himself onto the mat more like a trapeze artist than a gymnast (Joe is in the red pants). See below:

Joe the gymnast.

Joe the crazy trapeze artist.

Joe was exhasted from the fun of being a Little Dipper. We went home and watched Alice in Wonderland. Or as Joe calls it, "Wonderful Alice in the Land."

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Lettow said...

Oh my gosh...you are awesome Amy! This is great. Was that first pic of Amber for a night out or Halloween...you never know. Well, actually Amber probably would'nt dress like that for a night out! I love it. We need to get a pic of me and "Mr. Big" on that blog!!! HA -Shannon