May 28, 2008

What Happened to May?

We've been bad about keeping up with the blog. This month has been busy and exciting. Here is a list of our activities:
  • Matt and I went to San Diego.
  • Joe & Jack hosted Amy & Tyler (the saint-sitters) at our house for 3 days.
  • Matt turned 33.
  • Joe finished gymnastics.
  • Jack started saying "bye-bye."
  • We celebrated Mother's Day.
  • Joe learned to button his jammies.
  • The dogs received their annual shots and city licenses.
  • Jack pooped in the bathtub.
  • Jack & Jack played with our neighbor boy, Max.
  • Matt and I re-landscaped our front yard.
  • Joe got a hair cut.
  • Joe & Jack had a playdate with Asher & Zander at McKennan Park.

This last weekend was Memorial Day weekend. And like every Memorial Day in South Dakota, it was cold & windy. We spent all of Saturday and Sunday outside. Matt's mom came over to our house on Saturday to watch/entertain/feed/supervise the boys while we worked in our yard. On Sunday the boys were entertained by playing with our neighbor, Max. Max turns 4 in June, so he & Joe ran back-n-forth from our house to Max's house, with little Jack trailing behind. It is great having another boy on our col-de-sac, but I already feel bad for Jack. I think he'll be the little brother that gets ditched by Joe & Max.

Joe buttoning his jammies.

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