July 2, 2009

Balloons Balloons Balloons

A few Saturdays ago we had the best time at the 34th Annual Great Plains Balloon Race. There were about 40 multi-colored balloons launched. The best part, is that the balloon race allows for spectators to be right next to the balloons as they launch. The balloons were all unique and beautiful. Joe's favorite balloon had fire flames on the side. Jack liked all of the balloons. Matt's favorite balloon was the Uncle Sam balloon and my favorite balloon was the fruit lady. We went with Asher and Zander & their mom & dad. We had a blast. Enjoy the pictures.

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Becky said...

How fun! Maybe next year they can ride in a balloon. :-)

Wish we had time to come to SF again this year. Next year we need to come earlier in June so that we can stay longer and have time to head up to SF again. And to hear the Pugh's were in town, too. Would've been fun to see you all!

Happy 4th!