June 30, 2008

First Baseball Game

As you know from previous posts, Joe started baseball. Baseball league for 4-year-olds was primarily clinic-style. Each night Joe would rotate from station to station. One station was batting, the next station was running bases, the next station was fielding ground balls, and so on. Well the last night of baseball, the kids finally got to play a "real" game of baseball. Here is Joe's first baseball game. (Warning: Joe starts the second session of Baseball in July, so there will be many more pictures of Joe playing baseball.)

Joe's first at-bat (notice the ball just off the right side of the photo)

Joe at first base (coach Daddy & the real coach)

...still on first...waiting to run to second base

Crossing home plate for the first time. Yeah Joe!

The official little-brother waterboy: Jack

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Lyndsay said...

Love the baseball pics. I just know that Joe is so coordinated because of those gymnastics classes he had! I heard his teacher was hot, too. And when did Jack get so big? He is, like, a real little boy now and not a baby!