June 1, 2008

A Little Fun While Away For Business

My job takes me away from Amy and the boys every once and a while. Usually to warm, exotic places such as Bismarck, ND in early February and Casper, WY in mid April. This past week, I was in Newton, IA (lovely this time of year, I recommend it to anyone).

Besides finding a local municipal golf course in these towns I travel, it's rare I do anything else. However, Newton is only 25 miles away from Des Moines. Des Moines, IA, home of the Chicago Cubs Triple A team, the Iowa Cubs. The I-Cubs were playing the Memphis Redbirds and even though it was football weather, I took in the game.

I remember growing up when my Dad had to leave town for business, he would bring home the occasional surprise gift for my brother and I. I too, have brought Joe & Jack gifts in the past from some of the places I have traveled. This time it was easy for me. With summer basically in full swing, and Joe about ready to begin his first year of playing baseball, I knew that I had to bring the boys something from the I-Cubs game.

They both got their own I-Cubs shirt and Jack also received his first true Cubbie hat. Not the traditional Cubs hat, but Jack is not the traditonal little Cubbie himself either! Enjoy boys, I hope you enjoy your gifts from Daddy as much as I remember getting them from my Daddy.

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Lyndsay said...

The Iowa Cubs! So fun! The boys look so cute and happy in this pic!