July 16, 2008

Fort Jacobson

Matt and I have been debating getting the boys a swingset / adventure center / "get-outside-&-play-boys" destination. It has been a hard decision. We wanted the boys to be safe and the latest and greatest adventure sets are filled with ropes, chains and high towers. All of which seem, to their mom, to be a death trap. Our discussions often left Matt and I feeling selfish, in that we didn't want to ruin the grass in the backyard & still wanted our announcement of "we're going to the park" to be taken with excitement and glee. We figured if we installed an enormous playset - then the grass would die & we'd never have a reason to travel to our favorite park.

So, we think we settled on the perfect playset for the boys: A FORT. I think "fort" screams boys & adventure. And wouldn't you know, Matt and I found a fort. We bought it and brought it home and even built it. We think the boys will love it.

1 comment:

Lyndsay said...

Looks sort of like a "playhouse" to me and less "fort"like. If it makes you feel better to call it a fort, then go ahead. But dont be mad when the little girls on your street want to come over and play Barbies in there. The boys will have fun in it either way!