August 12, 2008

One small step for man, one giant leap for Jack!

Every parent's worst fear happened at our house on Sunday. Jack escaped from his crib. There were no witnesses, so it is still unclear how a short, 22-month-old got out of his crib. All of Jack's possible methods (climbed, leaped, catapulted, hurtled, propelled and slung) keep me awake at night. It is not like he is a rock climber and he has on a helmet, a safety harness & propelling ropes.

Now, we don't know what to expect from the little guy. Sunday night and Monday night there were no escape attempts made. And his crib-mates, Tigger, Porky (the porcupine), and Curious George, were all in the crib at lights out - and were found in the crib at wake-up time. One would figure if an escape attempt were in-process, the crib-mates would be in on the scheme.

Case# RG5690sB

Name: Jack Ronald Jacobson

Known Alias: Jack-a-Roo

Accomplices: Tigger, Porky, Curious George

Suspect is short but strong. He has no tattoos, but likes to show-off his belly button. He should be considered a flight risk.

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