September 15, 2008

5 Second Rule

(Life for the Jacobson's has been busy. And apparently life has been too busy to allow for blogging.)

I saw this cartoon - and it made me think about all the rules we have at our house.

We really don't have a rule about food on the floor - as Chance & Wrigley are quick to pick up any bit of food that falls to the floor. A mac-n-cheese noodle, once falling to the floor, usually is caught by Chance before it reaches the ground.

Here are some of our rules:

No Wrestling In The House

(Nobody listens or abides by this rule.)

No Sleeping In the Kitchen

(This is Jack after he refused to sleep in his crib. We found him one morning sleeping in the kitchen. We have since purchased a toddler bed. He doesn't sleep in the toddler bed either. I found him this morning sleeping behind the rocking chair in his room.)

No Leaving the Group - Stick Together

(The toddlers at school took a field trip to the zoo. I volunteered to help. Jack refused to ride in the buggy with the other kids. He refused to ride in anything with wheels. "I walk. I walk.")

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