September 27, 2008

Take Jack Out To The Ballgame....

Baseball always has and always will be the #1 sport around the Jacobson house. Joe began playing baseball this past summer and his little brother Jack enjoyed watching Joe play. It seems as if Jack enjoys watching any baseball whether his brother is involved or not.

This past Wednesday, the Cubs were playing the Mets on ESPN. We had just finished having dinner and Joe was helping me clear the table and clean up the kitchen. When we were finished, we went downstairs to find Jack sitting all by himself watching the Cubs game. He was planted on the floor, right in front of the TV and barely flinched when I came down to take these pictures of him.

Here is Jack working on his catcher's stance

Jack thinking, "It's gonna happen. This is the year of the Cub!"

October is right around the corner and our Cubbies will be marching their way to the World Series. So get comfortable Jack!

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