April 1, 2009

Ready or not, here comes Kindergarten

There are only 4.5 months or 139 days until Joe's first day of Kindergarten...but who is counting? Last night was Kindergarten registration. We were able to go the school, have a tour, meet the teachers and see the classrooms. I was impressed.

As some of you may know, I'm a bit emotional about Joe starting school. I'm happy and scared and excited and nervous all at the same time. Thank goodness for Michelle!! Michelle, my BFF and Joe's Godmother, is the world's best Kindergarten teacher. I've asked Michelle countless questions and she is doing a terrific job coaching me through this transition.

Our experience last night was wonderful. I loved meeting the teachers. Our tour, provided by 5th grader Hannah, was valuable. We saw the library, lunch room, learning "pits", music room, art room, computer room, and many other areas of the school. John Harris has 4 sections of Kindergarten. Joe's excitement was visible. He ran down the halls with his head on a swivel, trying to take it all in. In each of the Kindergarten classrooms, there was an activity for the rookie class. Joe got to cut with scissors, mold play dough, complete a puzzle and color a picture.

So ready or not...here comes Kindergarten.

Kindergarten Hallway (Jack trying to sneak into a room)

Classroom: reading and calendar area

Our Tour Guide Hannah

Keeping up with the tour

Hannah showed us the yellow line (painted on the playground) where Joe will line up when the bell rings

Joe meeting one of the teachers - his mom close behind

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