March 26, 2009

Wii're One Musical Family

Our Wii was an addition during the 2007 holiday season, and it has been a source of fun and exercise. When I bought it (actually Auntie Traci bought it) I knew Matt and the boys would love playing the sports games. This most recently holiday season (2008), Matt added Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Matt is a huge music fan. We have countless (literally countless) CDs, minidiscs, LPs, and cassette tapes of music. Some of it legal, some of it illegal. I swear I could “misplace” half of his collection and he’d never notice. His collection includes everything from Abba to Warren Zevon (of course Madonna, Poison and Pearl Jam are somewhere in the middle). Anyway, Matt has gotten the boys involved in his love of music. Here is the proof:


Lyndsay said...

Love it. And Jack in the background "playing" the drums is hilarious. We need to get together and rock soon.

Prairie Girl said...

Oh. My. God.
I know that somewhere in all of Mom's videotapes and film strips there is a movie of Matthew doing "Eye of the Tiger" when he was just about that old! Love it! Hysterical!