August 6, 2009


Joe has been participating in The First Tee Program over the past couple of weeks. The program is designed to get kids interested in the game of golf. It also teaches them etiquette to use in golf and everyday life, such as introducing yourself to others by shaking hands and looking the person in the eye. Although there is good meaning behind it, the day I was present it didn't seem like the kids truly understood the eye contact part of it!

To a bunch of 5 year old kids, golf may not seem like much fun. It doesn't have the excitement that baseball, kick ball, or putting your little brother in a head-lock does. However, I'm sure one day Joe will find out how fun it actually is to play golf. When you are thirty-something, out on a golf course in the middle of summer, with 3 or 4 other friends, acting like you are five all over again, is fun. Actually, it's a lot of fun!

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