February 5, 2010

Snow, Snow & More Snow

Since December 1, Sioux Falls has received over 36 inches of snow. It is incredible. Joe has had 2 snow days away from Kindergarten. Matt has had to work from home multiple days because of the north-pole-like weather conditions. I like snow; but this year, the snow has been too much for me. It was great to have a ‘White Christmas,’ but Christmas is over & spring is 6 weeks away.

Unfortunately along with the snow, we’ve had below-zero degree weather. We have managed to venture outside a few times. There are many reasons we love living in Tuthill; all of this snow has revealed another reason to love our house & our neighborhood. With almost 3 feet of snow – not counting some of the spectacular drifts – we have great sledding in our back yard.

Jack having a "Wahoo" fun time on his sled.

Daddy, Jack & Joe at the top of a snow run.

Boys having 'snow' much fun.

My entire leg is stuck in this drift of snow.

Little brother hides his face behind big brother as they plummet down the snow hill.

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