April 16, 2010


We, as usual, are busy. The boys are both growing and active as ever. Here is an update:

Joe. Joe is doing great in Kindergarten. He has had a few play dates with K04 buddies. Vaughn & Chase have come over to our house. He also has a lot of fun at school with a friend named Sam. He talks about all the kids in his class - so it is hard to determine if he has one or two that he his closest with. He probably talks about Madi (Madison) the most. And if you ask him about it, he blushes and runs from the room. Joe was "Star of the Week" March 15-19. We were able to go to his classroom. Mrs. Schempp had a quiz for us. It was a competition; who knows Joe better, his family or his K04 friends. Thankfully the family won 5 to 3. Some of the questions were: Joe's favorite color = purple (family got it wrong). What does Joe want to be when he grows up = Jedi Knight (I answered Jedi Master). What is Joe's favorite book = Star Wars encyclopedia (family got it correct). What is Joe's favorite movie = Return of the Jedi (Daddy answered it correctly). During the presentation, each family member had to say what we liked to do special with Joe. I couldn't come up with anything - my mind was blank - so in my motherly-Joe-is-my-baby state of mind, I answered, "Joe and I like to hug and kiss." The class erupted into laughter and Joe turned red. Sorry Joe. As soon as the words, came out, I knew I was in trouble.

Joe is in Lego League right now. Lego League is every Monday night at Augustana. Each Monday the League learns about the basics of engineering through Legos. The first night the topic was levers. The second session was about wheels and axels. Joe & his partner created the fastest car - and boy was he proud! We celebrated with ice cream at DQ after. This Monday is "Pull Pull Pulleys." The professor that is overseeing the program is very impressive. He is a PhD & the SD Chair of NASA EPSCoR Steering Committee. The League is funded, in part, by Lego.
Joe starts baseball in two weeks. We are all very excited.

Joe with some of his Lego League equipment.

Joe's Star of the Week event

So Proud of Joe being Star of the Week

Joe's class on a field trip to Avera McKennan (Look who has questions)

Jack. Jack-a-roo. Where do I start with Little Jack? He is talking and talking and talking. At three he can go from being a snuggle-bug-wants-to-be-held little guy, to an independent-I-can-do-it-myself big boy. The other day we were playing & he was hiding from me. He was hiding under his "snow blanky" and I said, "who is under there?" and he responded "it is Jack Roo!" He loves his snow blanky. He sleeps with it every night. He eats breakfast with it every morning. If he is not feeling well or is over tired, it is the first thing he asks for. And last night his snow blanky turned into a cape. A cape for Captain Underpants. Captain Underpants ran around our house yelling "Captain Underpants!" Captain Underpants chased Chance & Wrigley yelling "Captain Underpants!" He is so funny. He definitely has Matt's humor.

Unfortunately Jack is too young to start T-Ball. He is very good at baseball, however. He can hit well off the tee - and can hit just as well from a real pitch. He is batting left and throwing right. I can't confirm or deny that his daddy didn't have something to do with this left/right-sided preference. Jack has little, if any, fear. He is rough and tumble and extremely adorable.
Each day, while getting buckled into his car seat he says to me, "Mom, wake me up & pick me up & bring snacks & wake me up & pick me up & kiss me up & bring snacks & bring drinks..." until the car doors is shut and Matt & the boys drive away.

Jack's usual relationship with Snow Blanky

Introducing: Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants is very cute

Captain Underpants likes to dance in the kitchen

Captain Underpants needed a potty break

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Becky said...

Go Cubbies! :-) Kids grow so fast! They are all growing right up aren't they? The "we like to kiss and hug" deal is HILARIOUS. I can't believe in K it's already uncool to be loved on by mom. To steal a kids line, that's "not fair." They'll always be our babies we love to kiss and hug on! Glad to hear all is great in Sioux Falls cubbie land. We're going to be up there for longer this year, so Scott and I were actually thinking about leaving Amaya at the Dunes and heading to Sioux Falls for an adult night out one of those nights, maybe Fri. or Sat. We should try to all get together. Would love to catch up. Happy Spring. Later.