April 30, 2010


Having the boys has brought many things into our lives. One of which is numbers. I remember vividly how Matt and I would document every drop of in-put and out-put the first few weeks of Joe's life. The in-put was measured in CC's. Out-put was measured as "wet" or "dirty."

And I never realized that babies, through their first 2-years, have their ages measured in months. I remember telling people that Jack is "17 months" and watching them calculate the figure to 1 and a half years. I've learned, through motherhood, that half-ages aren't readily utilized until your child is over the 2-year mark. As it turns out, Jack will turn 3 and a half this month.

Then as the boys grew, attention was paid to sizes of clothing. What really is the difference between a sleeper that is size "24 months" and "2T"? I will never know. The digits that represent shoe sizes are also impossible to figure. Joe's tennis shoes are size 11. Jack's Keen's are size 6.

The boys have always measured smaller than average on the growth cart at the pediatrician's office. Each doctor visit we receive more digits: Joe's height is 5%. Jack's head circumference is 12%. Joe weighs 40lbs. Jack weighs 30lbs. It is all numbers to me.

So as I dutifully collect the numerical data on my most precious possessions, new numerical data came home from school in Joe's pocket. Digits. Real digits. He came into the kitchen pulled out a scrap piece of paper with the digits and slapped in onto the kitchen counter. I looked at it...confused...and said, "Joe, what is this?" "It's Hannah's phone number. She gave it to me so that I can call her."

So here they are: The digits I've been fearing. A girl's phone number.
Do you love that the digits are written on a piece of paper torn out of a Disney coloring book?

And here she is. The digit-giver. She is one of the cutest and nicest girls in Joe's class. I'm not sure yet if a phone call will actually be placed between Joe and Hannah. But the digits have been collected, along with the other digits of in-put/out-put, weights, heights, sizes, and ages.

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