October 12, 2008

Christmas In Early October!

Every once and a while, Joe and Jack will receive a gift package in the mail. Every time they receive one of those gift packs, it is from good old Uncle Brad and Uncle Stuart. This time around the boys were sent goodies such as new coloring books, candy, a new DVD, new T-Shirts, amoung other items. As you can see in the pictures, the boys didn't waste any time tearing apart the package to get to the goodies that were sent to them!

One of the items that was sent to the boys was a DVD of Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin. This has become one of Joe's favorite DVD's to watch. He loves Snoopy and loves the way Snoopy laughs! Last weekend when Grandma Val watch the boys Joe colored a picture of Charlie Brown. At his tender age of 4, he is far better at coloring than his father ever has been. Keep up the great work Joe and keep the gift packages coming!

Thanks Uncle Brad and Uncle Stuart!!!

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