October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Jack

Dear Jack,

Today is your second birthday. I remember October 23, 2006 like it was yesterday. I remember driving to the hospital with Daddy. We were crying as we drove because we were so excited for you and we were talking about Grandpa Ron. The next thing I remember was walking into the Labor & Delivery area of the hospital. We were led to the first room on the left. The nurse handed me a gown and robe. After I was on the surgical cart and prepped, Daddy changed into blue scrubs. We didn't have to wait very long before the nurse came in to wheel me to surgery. Daddy had to stay in the room until another nurse would allow him into surgery. The surgical room was very close to the L&D room. I remember watching each ceiling tile go over my head and waiting for 2 sets of double doors to open. Once through the second set of doors, I was in the surgical room. I received my spinal block and Daddy was allowed into surgery; it was 7:00am. Dr. Wierda entered the room and said hello & asked me if I was ready to be a mommy again. I said, "yes!" Daddy sat next to me and his face was close to my face. We didn't say too many words, when at 7:09am we heard Dr. Wierda announce, "I see a dark head of hair!" And seconds later we heard you cry. You were so red - and you had a lot of dark hair. You had an angel kiss on your nose. Daddy and I cried and cried. The nurses cleaned you, put a cap on you, wrapped you in a blanket and handed you to me. I held you and said, "hello Jack." You and I (with Daddy close behind) were wheeled back into the L&D room. Grandma Dolly was in the room when we arrived. As soon as I knew it, Daddy and Grandma Dolly scoped you out of my arms and started taking picture after picture after picture of you. I had to abruptly yell, "hey - can I have my baby back?" They were so excited for you that they just couldn't leave you alone. You must have been kissed a thousand times that day. It is a day I'll never forget. I love you, Jack. You will always be my baby.


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