February 2, 2009

Shame On Me

It has been over 3 months since I've blogged...shame on me. And instead of making excuses and trying to explain myself, I've decided to make a list of changes and updates from the past 3 months and move on with current events at our house.

November 2008 - January 2009

Joe and Jack were Batman & Robin for Halloween, respectively.
We went to Webster for Thanksgiving.
Joe turned 5!
Joe and Jack had a friend birthday/halloween costume party.
Daddy started a new position with Alltel.
The boys saw Santa at the mall & shared their wish lists. Joe asked for Ben 10 toys. Jack asked for (via Joe) Mickey Mouse toys.
Joe had his first hair cut at a salon. Joe did great.
Jack had his first hair cut at a salon. Jack cried and cried.
Christmas was busy and full of gifts.
We took the boys sledding at Great Bear.
Mommy left the medical school and joined Children's Care Hospital & School.
We attended "Here Comes Kindergarten" informational night. Mommy cried.
We had the downstairs fireplace resurfaced.
We hosted a Superbowl party.

I'm sure there are events that I've left out. I hope this is a start to getting me back on track. Pictures are on the way...

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Lyndsay said...

OMG you cried at the pre-kindergarten class?? I almost want to cry thinking about it! Dont make him go!!!
and its about time you posted something...