March 26, 2009

Shame On All Of Us...

Well just like Amy titled her post well over a month ago, "Shame On Me", it could have easily been titled, "shame on all of us"! I have been meaning to blog but just never got around to doing it. At least I have been collecting my blogs in my mind and I have finally sat down to put them all together. Here we go....

"I want to know if love is wild, girl I want to know if love is real"
So Amy and I are looking forward to seeing Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in concert this May. Speaking of Bruce, I picked the boys up from school recently and I was listening to Bruce in my car. "Born To Run" was playing and I happened to be singing along. Joe must have been paying close attention to what I was saying and he asked me, "Daddy, is love real?" I turned the question back to him and asked him if he thought love was real or not. He said that love was real and when I asked him why he thought that it was real, he replied with, "because it's beautiful, cool, and awesome." It truely is all of those things, Joe Joe. Thanks for making my day in about 60 seconds!

"Oh Mexico. It Sounds So Simple I Just Got To Go"

And Go is exactly what we did! At the beginning of March, Amy and I went to Cancun and the Riviera Maya. We had an amazing time and we are looking forward to going back, hopefully sooner than later. While we were vacationing, Joe and Jack stayed with multiple friends and family members. With their help, we were able to enjoy a little R&R on our own.

Don't ask me what I shot, because I'm not telling.

"It's A Beautiful Day. Don't Let It Get Away"

Up until this past week, we have had some beautiful weather in Sioux Falls (I give props and much dap to Amy's boys over at Keloland for creating the weather with their "Live KELOLand, HD, 8000 doppler radar, with Viper storm cells that spot Canadian Clipper Systems 9 months in advance". Big ups boys.) OK, what just happened there.....for a second there I thought I was giving shout-outs to so-called weather scientists, but I know that wouldn't be the case. Anywho, from the following pictures you can see how all of us have enjoyed the recent spring like weather!

It's Always Safety First with Jack-A-Roo

The unveiling of the grill 2009
Grilled Halibut on cedar planks

The boys put the old pond pit to good use.

"Where Is The Moment You Needed The Most?"

Little Jack-Man-Doo has a bit of a musical side to him. As seen in Amy's recent blog, the three Jacobson boys get together for a late night jam-session from time to time. Jack was rockin' the drums as if he were Dave Grohl in the early '90s with Nirvana. It seems as if he could be our front man as well. My apologies to Daniel Powter.

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