March 9, 2008

Daddy, The Short Order Cook

At the Jacobson house, it is understood that on weekend mornings it is Daddy's duty to make breakfast. Whether it happens to be cut up fruit for Jack, Honey Smack cereal for Joe and toast for Mommy & Daddy, no matter what, it is Daddy's job to prepare it.

I get great enjoyment out of cooking breakfast for Amy and the boys. This weekend was no different. On Saturday morning I prepared eggs for all of us. While scrambling up our eggs, Joe said, "Daddy I want shashage and egg." (shashage is the way Joe says, "sausage").

Unfortunately, we did not have any shashage for Joe that morning, but he, like the rest of us enjoyed breakfast anyway. After breakfast, we all loaded into the family truckster to make our weekly rampage on Hy-Vee. It was here where we were able to get Joe some "shashage" for his Sunday morning breakfast. Along with sausage, we purchased some muffin mix to prepare the following morning as well.

Breakfast on Sunday morning was made by not only Daddy, but there were contributions made by Mommy & Joe as well. Mommy and Joe made mini muffins and began baking them while I left the kitchen to wake the late sleeper, Jack.

Just 5 More Minutes Daddy


Jack was partying all night with his friends Tigger and Pooh because they were interested in seeing what happend when day light saving kicked in at 2am. Needless to say, the 3 of them were disappointed. However, Jack contributed by eating 4 of the mini muffins himself. Daddy then made his family-famous eggs and all of us enjoyed our first breakfast of daylight savings time!

These Muffins Are Making Me Thirsty!

MMMM, What Is Daddy's Secret To His Eggs?

Breakfast Table Highjinks.....

.....And Shennanigans

Muffins Before.....

.....And After


Lyndsay said...

Sounds like Matt is doing the majority of the work in the house while Amy plays wii! Just kidding--but seriously--what a good dad! And the kids are so cute. Love the pic in the crib, sideways.

Lyndsay said...

PS- One of you needs to to update your blog with more cute pics of the babes.