March 4, 2008

Mind Reader

Joe can read Jack's mind. He can. It is true. Joe understands Jack's cries & ramblings. I am amazed. I have witnessed Joe's ability countless times. Last night Auntie Traci, the boys & I went to dinner at the Ground Round (fancy). On the way there, Jack was whining & upset. Joe announced from the back seat, "Jack doesn't want his hat on." His announcement went mostly ignored until Auntie turned around and Jack had pulled his hat off & was now happy as a clam.

Johnny Carson: The Psychic

We will be playing and Jack will get fussy and whinny. I'll ask Joe, "what is wrong with Jack?" Joe will reply "he wants a drink" or "he wants a snack." Every solution Joe offers is correct. I'll get Jack a drink or a snack, depending on Joe's response, and the problem is solved.

Joe Jacobson: The Psychic

This morning, however, I failed to listen to Joe. I was getting the boys' coats on for school. Jack was fussy, so I asked Joe, "what is wrong with Jack?" Joe replied, "he has to make a poop." Jack never poops in the morning. He is an afternoon/evening pooper. Respecting Joe, I checked Jack's diaper; it was empty. We headed to the car for our trip to school. We were only a block away from home when Jack started grunting and grunting. Joe says, "see Mom I told ya, Jack had to make a poop."


Becky said...

Too funny! What a talent. Ask Joe if Scott and I are going to win the lottery. We'll cut him in 10% if he gives me the answer I want. Smile, smile.

Anonymous said...

i hear the fair hires kids like that. might want to check out that opportunity.