March 24, 2008


We have had a lot to blog about recently, but no time to blog. So, I'll cut to the chase...
My birthday was last week. The Babcock's happened to be in town, so we (along with the Lovrien's) celebrated my birthday at Chuck E. Cheese. Here are some photos:

Mom's Birthday Cake

Joe dancing with Chuck E. Cheese

Jack & Reagan driving in the clown car

Future Ice Fishing Crew: Matt, Jack, Colter, Joe, Bridger & Chad

Exciting & Fun Birthday!

Colter on the horse

Joe & Colter

Joe on the horse


Lyndsay said...

Without even mentioning that you had just had your birthday at Chuck E Cheese's, AJ told me he wanted to go there last night. He has never been. What a shame!

Nichole said...

Happy belated birthday Amy. May your new year of life be even more fulfilling and happy than the last!
Sorry to have missed you Saturday -- girlfriends in town for the Easter weekend. Sometimes getting everything accomplished is a real chore, and this is coming from someone without children and a blog. How do you do it?

Becky said...

Happy belated birthday! Looks like you guys all had a blast! Gotta love Chuck E. Cheese's!