March 17, 2008

Cool Stuff

As Spring reveals itself in South Dakota, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. In the last week we've had 50 degree weather, 20 degree weather, snow, sun, slush, ice and last but not least: ICICLES! The cold nights and warm days provide the perfect weather for huge icicles. And whouldn't you know it, the Southeast cornor of the Jacobson garage produced the World's Longest Icicle. Joe thought it was the greatest thing ever.

Ladies & Gentelmen: The Worlds Longest Icicle!

It's taller than Joe & Jack.

It can't fit in our sink.
It is the "coolest" thing ever!


Lyndsay said...

Holy moly that is like the one that breaks the neighbors window in Christmas Vacation!

Becky said...

Super "cool" icicle, no pun intended. Can you guys mail that thing down to us so we can check it out in person? Smile, smile. Precious childhood memories in the making. Gotta love it!