April 4, 2008

Baseball Season

Monday marked opening day of the the baseball season. And the Jacobson Family is very excited. This year is the 100th anniversary of the Cubs last world series championship. Joe and Jack were born to be Cubs fans. They have both had Cubs infant-sized jerseys. They have both had Cubs sippy cups and they both have their own Cubs ball caps.

Joe: Opening Day 2008. (Note the snow on our deck.)

Jack: Opening Day 2008. (Note he'll only wear his Cubs cap
backwards because it will get in the way of his oranges & bananas.)

Jack: Opening Day 2008. I can't imagine how he'll react to
Chicago-style hotdogs at Wrigley Field.

1 comment:

Lyndsay said...

Too cute! The snow on the deck was ridiculous. But we won last night! yay!