April 6, 2008

Baseball Day!

This Sunday was like any other Sunday around the house. I made breakfast for everyone and from there, nothing was planned. After breakfast Joe wanted to play Wii baseball. I'm always up for a game so why not. He took his old man down in the first game, 7-2. We tied the 2nd game and then decided to play home run derby. Joe's record was 3 homers. Today he set a new personal record. He hit 6 HR's!

Joe Joe's New HR Derby Record

Joe Getting "Big-Ups" from his Little Brother on His New Record

While Joe and I were hitting home runs, Amy went shopping with her sister. Since I knew Amy was going to be gone for a while, I knew the boys and I had a date with the TV at 1:20. That was the scheduled time for first pitch of the Cubs/Astros game. I grabbed my Cubs hat and so did Chance.

After his bullpen session, Chance takes a break

We were all together at first pitch, Daddy, Joe, Jack, Wrigley, Chance. With 2 outs in the bottom of the 1st, it was pretty much Daddy, Wrigley & Chance. Joe opted to watch Chicken Little (at least the chicken plays baseball) and Jack needed a nap (I'm sure he was dreaming of a Cubs win).

Jack woke up in time to hear ex-Cub Centerfielder, Bobby Dernier sing the 7th inning stretch and to see D-Lee hit the game winning home run for the Cubbies! The day began with home runs and pretty much ended with home runs. I'm waiting for the day that I can see my two little Cubbies hit their own, real life home runs!

Jack knows a Cubs game is not over until the last out


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Lyndsay said...

I almost texted yall when D Lee hit that homerun. Awesome! I cant wait until I have little kids and puppies to dress up in Cubs gear.