April 8, 2008

"Say" you, "Say" me

I met Sara Schoffelman in the 7th grade. We sat next to each other in Mrs. Zeeb's science class. We were 12. Yikes. So this year marks 20 years of our friendship. Wow. I hope the boys are as blessed as Matt and I have been in the area of friends and friendships. The friends we have are truly a second family.

Sara and her family came over to our house on Saturday night. And as we visited I found myself calling her "Say," the nickname Megan, Tenley & I called her back in junior high. I hope that Sara's girls and my boys become friends (I'm not sure they'll have a choice). It was a surreal experience to see Joe and Ella hug each other, because in many ways it was just yesterday that Sara & I were measuring things in grams and newtons for Mrs. Zeeb.

Joe & Ella

Reese & Jack

Ella & Jack lining up for Sara's dessert

Matt & Ella playing guitar hero

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