April 15, 2008

Matt + Amy = Jack

If you have ever seen a picture of Matt as a baby, you know that Jack looks just like his Daddy. In certain pictures, they seem to be twins. I think it is the roundness of their faces and the happy-slants of their eyes. Jack is rough and daring; solid and audacious; stubborn and fearless. So is Matt.

It is in pictures like the one below, that confirm Jack is me too. He likes the softness of blankets. He likes books with pictures. And he can't keep his socks white.

He simply makes my heart ache.

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Anonymous said...

I love it. They do make your heart ache, don't they! And they take your breath away. Children are so precious. Amaya and I are going to join Scott on his trip up north for the Dak. Dunes invitational. We'll have to pop up to Sioux Falls that Sat. or Sun. so we can all get together with the kiddies. I'd love to see you guys and all the little ones. Perhaps a lunch escapade at Chuck.E.Cheese's. Give the boys a squeeze from the Mitchells!

Love always,
Becky (and Scott and Amaya, too)