January 15, 2008

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

I do not have a brother. And most of my life has been influenced by women: my mom, my sister, my aunt, my girl friends, etc. I spent the first 20 years of my life surrounded by females. I think I'm destined to spend the next 20 years of my life surrounded by males.

Jack pulling Joe down the hall.

I don't get the wrestling, tough-guy, rowdiness of boys. I don't get the interest in crashing cars into each other. I don't understand using swords to capture the bad guys. I simply don't get it. Jack is getting to the age where he wants to tackle Joe. This is scary to me. I worry there will be injury and crying. What usually happens is laughter and snorting. At the same time, it is an overwhelming, intense feeling to see your kids interacting with each other. Joe can make Jack laugh. And Jack can make Joe laugh. Mostly, they don't do anything with each other besides make each other laugh and laugh and laugh. I can take the laughing...I can't take the rough-housing.

One of my favorite words that Joe says is brother, or "brodder." One of the books we read each night is called All By Myself. When we read books, Joe always takes on the role of the main character. In this particular book, Joe "looks after my little brodder" and "poors juice for my little brodder." The book mentions nothing about brodders rough-housing, using swords to capture the enemy, or brodders wresting in the hall with their shirts stuck on their heads.

Brodders Jacobson

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