January 22, 2008

Lincoln or Bust

We went to Lincoln this weekend. Matt and I had Monday off from work, so it was a perfect weekend to get away. We loaded the Yukon like we were leaving home for a month. It really is embarrassing the haul we take with us. Diapers, toys, DVDs, the Wii, clothes, extra pairs of socks, and coats are all required for our trip South on I-29.

Jack's Trip to Lincoln.

We always have a great time in Lincoln. We stay with Michelle. Michelle is a wonderful host. She is flexible and totally willing to accommodate the needs of Joe & Jack. Her hosting skills are remarkable. She goes from the social BFF to task-oriented kindergarten teacher flawlessly. She graciously goes to the Lincoln Children's Museum every time we visit. It is a great place for kids, especially when the temperature is 1. There are so many exhibits to see and so many activities to do. Here are a few of the highlights:

Michelle & Joe at the "truck stop."

Two squirrels peaking out of the tree.

Jack controlling the curtain & lights as the stagehand.

Joe viewing x-rays.

Jack pointing to the treasure.

Jack running on the alphabet rug.

Joe: the next Top Chef contestant.

Fun in the big, red chair.

Another big, red chair.

As you can see, it was a lot of fun. The boys enjoyed every minute. On Sunday, we made our way to another fun-filled location. I can't recall the name, but it was an indoor playland with playground equipment, inflatables, basketball court, mini-golf course, ball pit, sandbox, toddler area, etc. Due to the below freezing temperatures, it was packed with every Husker from the tri-state area including moms, dads, grandpas, grandmas, kids, brats, and one celebrity. Yes, we saw a celebrity there. Jack and Jack played with Joba Chamberline. Joba is a pitcher for the New York Yankees.

Our Yankee Playdate.

Of course Matt recognized him as soon as we walked into the place. This place was an obstacle course of kids and equipment. Kids would come shooting out of tube slide into a crowd of parents. Kids on swings would fly at one's face, almost kicking people in the head. I overheard Michelle say (in her kindergarten teacher voice) to an obnoxious 8-year-old girl, "you're not using the equipment correctly."

Michelle the safety monitor. (Joe is in the navy shirt; Jack is in the stripes.)

I love going to Lincoln. It is hard to pick a favorite Lincoln quality. Is it the big red chairs, the celebrities, the cold weather, the Huskers, or the hospitality? I think it is the kindergarten teacher.

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