January 10, 2008

Introductions Please

Okay this is it: my first blog and my first blog posting. Matt is going to think I'm nuts for starting a blog. Matt is borderline obsessed with technology, but he has yet to embrace blogs or myspace pages. I have started reading friends' blogs and find them informative, but mostly entertaining and funny.

Anyone who spends time reading this blog know us: we are the Jacobson family. Matt, Amy, Joe and Jack. Joe is 4 and Jack is 1. Joe and Jack go to 'school' at iCare. They love iCare and we love it too. Joe is in the preschool and Jack is in the toddler room. The "toddler" label is new for Jack just this week. He officially is no longer a baby...he is a toddler. I guess when you can walk, throw food & pull the dogs' tails, you are officially a toddler.

Speaking of dogs' tails, we have 2 dogs. Wrigley is 7 and Chance is 2.
Chance is big; Wrigley is not as big. We love them.

I work for the USD School of Medicine and Matt works for Alltel

The focus of the blog will be on the boys in my life: Joe, Jack and Matt. They are funny, wild, naughty, entertaining, and they are my world. This is for them. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

I just simply have to say it... you are a nerd! Does Amber know about the picture you have posted of her? Again.... you are a nerd! Apparently your tennis injury is better... thank goodness.

I of course love seeing my godsons!