January 25, 2008

Tub Time

I really give kudos to single parents. Juggling work, teaching, boys, gymnastics, and dogs is really difficult. Of these duties, the boys are, of course, the most fun. With Matt gone all week, I look for opportunities for a minute to myself, but they are hard to find. However, as Joe & Jack get older they entertain themselves and find fun adventures around the house. Tub time is a favorite fun adventure. Once the water is started, Joe pulls his clothes off as fast has he can. Jack paces back and forth between the tub and bathroom door waiting for his turn to get naked. Joe will jump into the tub as it is still filling with water and take all of the bath toys out of the bucket where they are kept. Jack, on the other hand, likes to ease into the tub. He is still a bit unsure of the water, the toys and the bubbles. He likes to stand in the water for the first few minutes; and finally he'll sit town and start splashing his brodder.

Fun in the tub.

Waiting for the tub to fill.

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