January 12, 2008

Wii Have a New Saturday Schedule

Usually our Saturdays consist of sleeping in, cartoons, toys, cleaning and laundry. This has recently changed. I bought Matt a Wii for Christmas. For those of you who have a Wii, you know what I am talking about. Sadly our Saturday priorities have gone from kids & cleaning to simply our Wii. Even Traci, my sister, has fallen victim to the Wii.

It turns out Traci is very good at Wii. Specifically she is very good at Wii bowling. She has the funniest form; Matt and I think she looks like the Statue of Liberty. She rolls her virtual bowling perfectly straight down the lane. Yet with her "give me your tired, your poor" approach, she consistently beats Matt and I.

Traci the bowler. Wii think she looks like the Statue of Liberty.

I personally like Wii tennis the best. Each time you play an opponent, you either earn or loose points. Once you earn 1000 points, you are considered a pro. I am a "pro" in tennis. This label is probably misleading. I can make a few good shots, but often find myself unable to get the ball over the net. I do enjoy the bowling as well.

Joe and Jack are too little to enjoy the Wii. Joe can take batting practice and do some of the boxing drills. Unable to play the Wii, Jack has started a new game. When we eat dinner, he'll raise both arms in the air (similar to his Auntie in above picture) and wait for Joe, Matt and I to raise our arms in the air. It is like a mini-wave you'd see at a sports stadium.

I am unsure where Jack got the idea of sticking his hands in the air. I'm not sure if he thinks he is in a hold-up situation and is being told to "sick 'em up" or maybe he is dreaming of becoming an NFL official some day "touchdown." He could be working on his YMCA dance..."it's fun to stay at the..." I can only imagine what goes on his cute little Jack-a-Roo head. Each day I see less and less of my baby. Where did Baby Jack go?

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