January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Amber

Amber as Amy Winehouse

Today is Amber's birthday. She is 32. Matt has known Amber since the 4th grade, and I met Amber in the 7th grade. A 20-year friendship, wow. I have vivid memories of walking to and from Patrick Henry with Amber - in particular on icy sidewalks. Probably my favorite memory is Amber and I at the mall with girls who were popular at the time (who would later go on to never graduate high school). They decided to shop-lift. Not being shop-lifters, we decided to ditch them and have our picture taken at some fly-by-night kiosk. Our picture was taken and then printed off on a 1987 comupter printer that took 20 minutes to print one page. I still have the picture.

Happy Birthday Amber

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Emily said...

I believe I was there at the time. And, I believe they were trying to steal some sort of perfume "Exclamation!" at Osco drug.