January 14, 2008

Frosty the Door Man

Who knew that Frosty the Snowman could crush the heart of a 4-year-old? Not me. Joe likes movies. And like most families this winter/holiday season, we watched our share of Rudolph, the Grinch, and Frosty. In fact we DVR'd these holiday classics. Joe has since watched the aforementioned shows many, many, many times. His real 4-year-old concern lies with Frosty. What happened to Frosty? Why did he turn to water? Is he gone forever? Why are the kids sad? What happened to his magic hat?

Do I start explaining about water vaporizing into clouds, the clouds getting heavy with moisture, and at 32 degrees, the water turning into snow? (If only Shawn Cable, my favorite meteorologist, was around.) I believe this will only encourage Joe to ask more questions. I decide an at-home science experiment would help. Joe and Matt collected snow from outside and kept in a bowl, inside our warm house. I hypothesized to Joe that the snow would melt, just like Frosty did. The snow, of course, did melt. Findings of our at-home science experiment: "So Frosty melted into a pond that ducks can swim in?" asked Joe. "Yes, he melted for the ducks."

The remains of our Frosty the Snowman experiment.

Privacy Please! In Jack's 14 months, he has never had any real privacy. When we bought the house, what would be his bedroom didn't have a door on it. The door existed (downstairs in the storage room) but wasn't hung on it's hinges. So all of these months, Jack has gone with little privacy. He has had an audience for every event from diaper changes to bedtime stories. Finally, on Sunday, Matt hung the door to Jack's room. I think Jack likes his new door. He likes to swing the door back & forth, back & forth. The dogs are confused by the door's back & forth motion. They can't figure out if it is an invitation to enter or a warning to stay out.

Jack & his new door.

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