February 4, 2008

"WOW" no time to blog

We've had a crazy couple of weeks at the Jacobson house. With Matt gone, we all have to adjust. Many things happened. My dad had eye surgery. Jack was sick. April turned 31. It snowed. We went to the Lovrien's superbowl party. The Babcocks had a baby. Chad & Jenny & Colter welcomed Bridger James on January 30. Bridger weighed 9 lbs 6oz.

Jenny, Bridger & Colter Babcock

At our house, Joe's imagination is running wild. He constantly has dialog with his friends. He talks to Scooby Doo, Curious George, and most commonly he talks to Aladdin, the Magic Carpet, Genie, Princess Jasmin and Jafar. Ever since Joe watched the Disney movie Aladdin, last summer, he is obsessed with the characters. Daddy is the Genie. Joe is Aladdin. I am Princess Jasmin. We go on magic carpet rides. We journey to the Cave of Wonders. We holiday at the Sultan's castle. Joe's imagination is incredible.

Joe with his Aladdin & Jasmin friends.

Joe and I are tight. I still baby Joe more than I probably should. You might say that Joe is a Mama's Boy. And I love it. This past week Joe asked me to marry him. He did. It melted my heart. He said, "mom, you and I are gonna get married like Aladdin & Jasmin." I said, "okay." Then, as if he couldn't be more cute, Joe melted my heart again. He was at the kitchen table practicing his writing. He can write his name very easily. He had been practicing writing Jack's name, when he announced, "Mom, I'm gonna write your name. M-O-M, mom." I said "Okay." Here is my name:

M-O-M or W-O-W. Either way is fine with me.

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