February 10, 2008

And In This Corner......

The Nintendo Wii that Amy gave me for Christmas this past year has been great entertainment for Amy, myself, as well as other family and friends (please refer to past blogs and see for yourself!). We spend many a night battling it out on the baseball diamond, tee box, the bowling alley and Centre Court playing tennis. Amy and I usually swap victories with each other on the tennis court but we ALWAYS battle for 2nd place in bowling because there is no stopping Traci and her dreaded T-Rex/Statue of Liberty form.

It doesn't look like much, but it carries a 225 average!

Lately, it seems as if someone else has enjoyed playing the Wii along with us, Joe. Yes, at the tender age of 4, Joe has begun taking a strong liking to video games. Not only does he enjoy playing, his favorite is the most brutal of the 5 Wii Sports games, boxing! Yes boxing, or as Joe calls it, "foxing", is the game he enjoys playing and enjoys watching more than any other game. It's not uncommon for Joe to ask me while Amy and I are in the middle of a tennis match to say, "Daddy, after tennis will you play foxing?".

Joe gets a kick out of how the Wii works. I think he likes the boxing because it is constant movement to play. Not only does it keep him moving, when he knocks an opponant down on the canvas, it allows him to count to 10! The excitement on his face after he KO's another prize fighter is amazing to see. I think he will hold on to the title for a few more years until his younger, more aggressive brother Jack tries to take that title away from him!

And in blue corner.....Weighing in at 36 pounds.....hailing from Sioux Falls, SD.....the Pre-School Champion of the World.....Joe Joe Jacobson!

Joe Workin' the Left

Notice Mommy in the background KO'd

Joe In Action

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