February 22, 2008

Quick Meal

It is amazing to me how much of our day revolves around food. The first morning activity, aside from getting the boys dressed, is breakfast. The first activity when we arrive home from work and school/daycare is coordinating dinner. And the last activity at bedtime, besides kissing and reading, is "a quick drink." Joe makes me laugh with his references to "quick." Can he watch a "quick DVD?" Can he have a "quick drink?" Can he eat a "quick snack?" And speaking of "quick"...what is with kids' obsession with McDonald's? Or "Old McDonald's," as Joe calls it. Joe loves the happy meal. And he doesn't care whether he gets the cheeseburger happy meal or the chicken mcnugget happy meal. He is more concerned about receiving the "boy" toy. As I'm ordering our food via the drive-thru, Joe is usually yelling from the back seat "tell them boy! tell them boy!" Heaven forbid a Barbie is found on the bottom of our happy meal box.

Recently, Jack's appetite is incredible. As soon as he is safely strapped into his booster seat, he shoves fists full of food into his mouth. At 16-months, Jack can easily out-eat Joe. Jack loves oranges, pears, peaches, apples, bananas, corn, peas, hotdogs, ham chunks, noodles, just to name a few.

Baby Jack learning to eat June 2007

Joe & a "quick snack" July 2007

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