February 18, 2008

Welcome To Our Jungle, We've Got Fun & Games

The three of us boys have been having quite the time together with Amy out of town. Not that we don't miss her, we all miss her tremendously. But it's our time to cut loose and be boys!

The other night Joe was watching the movie Aladdin in his room. Jack was exploring the basement. Moving from his big brother's room to the living room, picking up and dropping toys along the way. I on the other hand decided that it was time to continue my tour on Guitar Hero III on our Nintendo Wii!

So while I am getting my guitar tuned, I hear Joe in the other room singing a song from Aladdin. A few minutes later, Jack comes strutting out of Joe's room with a kazoo in his mouth and he is humming along to his own song. All of this is happening while I am playing my encore of Guns 'n' Roses', Welcome To The Jungle on Guitar Hero.

If Joe keeps working on his vocals, Jack transitions from the kazoo to the harmonica and I can incorporate the 5th fret on my plastic Les Paul guitar, we might be able to get a couple of gigs. Work on some new material and possibly land a record deal.

Joe Laying Down Vocals with Aladdin

Jack Playin' The Blues On His Kazoo

Guitar Hero Telling Us What We Already Know....We Rock!

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