February 25, 2008

Who-Man Boundries

One major aspect of parenting is setting boundries. You can't go outside without a hat. You can't pull the dog's tail. You can't eat only cheese for dinner.

Yesterday Joe and I had a memorable, boundry-defining conversation. It was one of those dreaded talks when uncomfortable topics are discussed, and when honest, fair questions are asked. It all started Saturday morning. We were running errands as a family. Matt ran into a store & I drove around with the boys bundled in the back seat. Joe started discussing the difference between humans & animals. I would name a favorite character and Joe would identify if the favorite character was a human or an animal.

Nemo = animal
Aladdin = human (who-man)
Big Bird = animal
Daddy = who-man
Rex from Toy Story = animal
Cinderella = who-man

I thought the conversation was innocent. I was putting Joe to bed on Sunday when what had been a fun game of animal versus who-man, had now taken a serious turn.

"Mommy, why do Chance & Wrigley get to poop outside?"
"Why can't I poop outside?"
"Can Daddy poop outside?"

My mind started racing. Luckily, the who-man versus animal conversation came racing back to my mind. "Remember that things with claws, tails or swim in the water are animals?" I asked. "Well those animals are allowed to poop outside."

"Okay, so Daddy and I can't poop outside?"
"No, Daddy and Joe cannot poop outside."

The boundry has been set: Jack & Daddy & Joe cannot poop outside.

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Emily Jane said...

Whew! Big sigh of relief over on this side of town.