February 28, 2008

Disgusting Denim

We are a denim-free family. Well, we are almost a denim-free family. For years and years (circa 1995-2003), Matt and I never wore jeans. Never. And to this day I still do not like denim. The thought of putting on a pair of jeans makes me gag. I find jeans rough, stiff, and uncomfortable. Our denim-free lifestyle has been passed down to the boys. Joe & Jack have a couple pair of jeans, but overall their trousers of choice are cargo pants. I love our denim-free family. I challenge anyone to find pictures of the Jacobson Family in denim.

Jack's drawer full of cargo's & khaki's.

There is no denim allowed in golf.

There is no denim allowed in the kitchen.

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Emily Jane said...

There's another word that starts with "D" and is 5 letters...DEVIL. I'm not saying - but I'm saying. You tell me if there's a correlation or not.