February 11, 2008

Barber Mom

The first time I cut hair was 1995. We were in college and Matt lived on 'U' Street in Lincoln. He wore a basic, buzzed hair style that only required an electric hair trimmer with clip 2 and clip 4. The front porch at 2311 'U' Street became my college of hair design classroom. I vividly remember my nervousness as I buzzed his hair. This inagural hair cut started a trend, which grew into an expectation, that I'm still trying to shake. I continued to cut Matt's hair until May 2001. When I recieved my masters degree, Matt asked me what I wanted as a graduation gift. I said, "I never want to cut your hair again." I figured since we were out of school, starting our careers, we could spend the money on Matt's hair cut. This same month we moved to Chicago. Our building was called Park Place Tower. Park Place had a video store, a convienince mart, a drycleaner, and a hair salon on the first floor. Within a few weeks of us living in Chicago, Matt needed a hair cut. He scheduled a hair cut at the hair salon in our building. And if I remember correctly, his basic, clip 2 & clip 4 hair buzz cost $45. I was back to Barber Amy. Since then, Matt has started to completely shave his head. Here is a picutre of him when he first shaved his head:

I've parlayed my hair cutting on 'U' Street into cutting Joe & Jack's hair. Joe's hair is exteremly thick, just like Matt's. Jack's hair is extremely thin, just like mine. As supervising stlyist of our house, I've had to decide Joe's hair style and last night I had to decide Jack's hair style. For Joe, his hair is too thick, too curly, and too blonde to keep short.

Joe's hair getting long. Summer 2005.

Joe's crazy, long hair. Picture taken this morning at breakfast.

For Jack, he is too tough on his hair to keep it long. Since he was born, Jack has had a constent birds-nest in the back of his hair. At night, he rubs his head into his mattress and blankets. My mom does the exact same thing. When my mom wakes up in the morning, her hair literally stands straight out. When Jack wakes up in the morning, his hair literally stands straight out. Jack had his first hair cut last night.

Jack & his whispy hair. December 2007.

Jack's First Hair Cut. Picture taken this morning at breakfast.

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