February 5, 2008

Real tomato ketchup, Eddie?

As all parents are, Matt is a huge influence on the boys. Both boys love baseballs, bats, basketballs, golf balls, golf clubs and sporting equipment in general. This is a daddy-influence. Both boys have a great sense of humor. They laugh and laugh and laugh. This is a daddy-influence. Both boys get hot & don't require layers of clothing. This is a daddy-influence. Both boys hate waking up in the morning. This, too, is a daddy-influence. But perhaps the biggest influence Matt has had on the boys is: his love for Heinz Ketchup. Matt loves ketchup. We buy ketchup by the gallon yet seem to always need more. Resturants that serve Hunt's ketchup are "bush league." Joe and Jack love ketchup. This is definatley a daddy-influence.

Jack enjoying ketchup.

Joe enjoying ketchup.

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Lyndsay said...

OK, the blog is too cute for me to be mad that you kept it a secret for almost a month. Love it. And who is Joe's HOT gymnastics teacher with the big boobs? :)