February 12, 2008

The Big Chance Man

About a year ago we welcomed a new dog to our house. His name is Chance & he is one big, rambunctious, young dog. He is full of energy and has added much motion to our house. Wrigley, our other golden retriever, loves Chance and so do the boys. He lets Joe and Jack crawl on him and wrestle with him. Even with his large size, he is gentle with the boys.

Chance & Jack

Chance the chair.

Chance is very smart. He knows when someone walks by our house, when a squirrel is on our roof, and when the Westminster dog show is on. The dog show was on last night and he watched dogs trot around Madison Square Garden to earn their blue and red ribbons. It was fun to see Chance so interested in the dogs on television. He is definatley our show dog.

Chance liked the 2007 Westminster Winner, James an English Springer Spaniel.

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